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Drill Baby Drill — Kip Fair Can Help You Make The Most Of Your Mineral Rights

Experienced Legal Assistance For Real Estate, Title And Mineral Rights Law

James Rex Fair, Jr. A Professional Law Corporation, provides experienced representation and knowledgeable legal help for issues involving property law, including title matters and mineral rights and oil and gas law. Our firm has 20 years of experience working with clients in northern Louisiana on these issues.

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Experienced Legal Help For Your Property And Mineral Rights Issues

Legal transactions involving real estate are always important. For individuals, they often represent the greatest dollar value transaction of an individual's life. For businesses, they can involve substantial amounts of money as well as important business opportunities. You don't want problems with the transaction, as they can lead to other difficulties for your business.

At James Rex Fair, Jr. A Professional Law Corporation, our attorney can assist with all aspects of commercial or residential real estate transactions for buyer, seller or financial institutions. Our attorney has 20 years of experience in Natchitoches helping people complete their dreams of home ownership. Our lawyer, Kip Fair, has helped businesses obtain property or secured leases that allow their business to grow and succeed.

Drill Baby Drill

If you have land that may contain oil and gas, successfully selling the mineral rights or obtaining an oil and gas lease for the extraction and production can generate a significant income stream for you and your family. James "Kip" Fair has substantial experience working in northern Louisiana with oil and gas law and can help you with all issues related to the mineral rights on your property

Hurt With A Personal Injury?

Our attorney is also experienced in representing clients injured by the negligence of others. Whether you were struck by a commercial truck, passenger vehicle, fell in a poorly maintained parking lot or were injured by a defective appliance, our attorney can help you obtain the compensation you deserve to assist with your recovery from your injuries.

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Legal matters are best handled as soon as they occur. Filing deadlines may cost you your claim if you delay. Real estate often becomes more expensive or more difficult to secure, so call our Natchitoches Parish firm at 318-238-3247, or use our online form.