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Our Attorney Is A Licensed Title Agent

When you buy a home, you have the expectation that this will be where you will live and raise your family. This is a very significant transaction for anyone, as homes cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you may plan on living there for many years. Just as you want that home to have a solid foundation, so it can weather the storms during your time there, you need the legal foundation to be equally solid.

A Solid Title To Your Land

Every parcel of real property in this state has a title. This title traces the ownership of the land from the initial land grant from federal government or the state of Louisiana to every subsequent owner. The title also details any attachments to the property that have occurred during the property's existence. When you purchase property, you want to have "clear title," which means there are no second or third mortgages, assessments, taxes or other items that could lead to a "cloud" on the title.

Why You Want A Title Opinion

James Rex Fair, Jr. can assist with this process. Our attorney is a licensed title agent in addition to being an attorney here in Natchitoches and has decades of experience examining titles and issuing title opinions. In Louisiana, at title opinion can only be issued by an attorney, and this document is necessary to obtain title insurance and, ultimately, financing for a mortgage.

Title Defects

Obtaining "clear" title to property is necessary for financing because no lending institution will offer funding for a mortgage if another entity or person has a right to a portion of the property with a second mortgage or a judgment. The same is true of any existing property tax obligation or city or county assessments. These all need to be paid off first to provide a clear title.

The Title Abstract

Our lawyer is qualified to perform the abstract search to ensure that you have clear title when you purchase the property. This search often necessitates going to the offices of registers of deeds, clerks of courts, recorders and other officials in the Parish. This can be time-consuming, but it is necessary to provide the proper level of due diligence to provide a complete abstract and ensure the integrity of the transaction.

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Our attorney has handled hundreds of title abstracts during his two decades of practice here in Louisiana. Let us help you with your transaction. Call our office today at 318-238-3247, or use our online contact form.