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We Can Help With Your Personal Injury Claim

Few issues can be more disruptive of your life than a personal injury. Though they can come in many forms, they are all disruptive of your life, and for the most severe, may be life-changing. They often occur as a motor vehicle accident, involving a car, truck or motorcycle.

They could be caused by a defective product, such as a small appliance, toaster, frying pan, oven or space heater, that catches fire. It could even be a slip and fall in a store, restaurant, in a parking lot or on stairs with a weak railing. You suffer a personal injury in a bar fight.

No matter the cause, you or a member of your family has suffered injuries as a result of this crash or defect and you need help. James Rex Fair, Jr. A Professional Law Corporation, in Natchitoches, provides experienced legal assistance for individuals suffering these kinds of injuries. It can be confusing and overwhelming to try and deal with insurance companies and lawyers while you are attempting to recover from your injuries.

Strict Time Limits

You may be unsure if you have a claim. Maybe you thought everything was fine immediately after the crash, but now, you have pain or a soreness that does not get better. Anytime you are in an auto accident or a truck collision, you should seek medical help and have a thorough examination. Documenting all injuries can be very important to create a record of the injuries you received in the crash. Also, beware of the prescriptive period for these claims.

In Louisiana, the time limitations on legal claims are known as "prescriptive periods," and the period for most personal injuries is one year from the time of the accident or incident. If you wait longer than that year, your claim is barred, meaning that even if you had a valid claim, you will be prohibited from bringing a claim or lawsuit.

Our attorney can help. Our firm has 20 years of experience representing individuals in Louisiana, and we can help you deal with all of the legal issues that arise with a personal injury claim. It is important to have your own attorney representing your interest in a personal injury case, as all the other parities are working to deny your claim or reduce your recovery. You need an attorney working to protect your rights and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

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